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Chapter Regent Desiree Chrysler

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Chaplain Suzanne Martinchalk

Recording Secretary Norma Hovland

Treasurer Karalee Averhoff

Registrar Monica Lancaster (contact for membership inquiries)

Historian & Librarian Shannon Hartman

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     "General Marion Chapter was organized June 3, 1907.  Mrs. Mabel Greydene-Smith was the organizing regent.  The chapter number is 760, the seventh chapter to be organized in Colorado.  The charter members were:  Ruth Lewis, Wilma Durkee, Ada Wright Arthur, Ethel Scott Thomas, Jean Blair Whipple, Estelle Beach Davis, Abbie Bowlby Galley, Jessie Anne Peabody, Hattie Averill Thomas, Helen Weaver Wilson, Mabel Greydene-Smith, Selina Bowlby Biggs, Elizabeth Bowlby Smith.

      The first officers were:  Mabel Greydene-Smith (Mrs.), regent; Selina Bowlby Biggs (Mrs. Clinton), vice regent; Hattie Averill Thomas (Mrs.), recording secretary; Wilma Durkee (Mrs. Charles G.), treasurer; Ethel Scott Thomas (Mrs.), historian.

      Canon City’s DAR chapter chose a name not closely associated with Colorado History.  The name was suggested by Mrs. John Campbell, state regent, as a preliminary meeting in January, 1907.  General Francis Marion (1732-1795) was a courageous general, a famous strategist of the Revolutionary War.  He was known as “The Swamp Fox” because of his skill in retreating – Indian fashion – to swamps and forests after quick, effective raids on the British Forces.  The name honors a devoted patriot who fought to make America free.

      In 1910, the Colorado State Conference was entertained in Canon City, and again in 1920.  Miss Ruth Lewis was state registrar when Mrs. Maria Bleeker Wheaton was state regent.  She was a charter member, and is still a member of this chapter.  Mrs. Clyde Dawson served the State Conference as recording secretary in 1912, and later Mrs. W. T. Little held the same state office.  Mrs. W. C. Thomas headed a state committee in 1923-1925."

Excerpt taken from "DAR in Colorado 1894 -1953" printed by the Colorado State Society.

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General Francis Marion:

     Brigadier General Francis Marion is inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame for his distinguished service as a Ranger leader during both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution.


    During the French and Indian War, he fought against hostile Cherokee Indians, who were making raids on frontier settlements in South Carolina. He and his men adopted many tactics used by the Indians and used them to their advantage.


    In the American Revolution, Brigadier General Marion directed Ranger-type operations against the British throughout the southern colonies. Marion's men conducted raids on British encampments and ambushes on their supply lines.


    The South Carolinians once captured a British prisoner of war camp freeing 150 Colonial survivors of the Battle of Camden. It was during this time that Brigadier General Marion earned the nickname the "Swamp Fox" because of his ability to use the cover and concealment of the swamps to strike British and Loyalist forces at will. The operations conducted by Francis Marion were key in preventing the British from securing the southern colonies.


    Brigadier General Marion brought great credit upon himself, the state of South Carolina and the United States Army. His actions and outstanding service to the United States of America truly exemplify what it means to be a Ranger.

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1963-1965 Mrs. Melvin Wallace (Lucy Snyder)

1969-1971 Mrs. Kenneth Hatfield (Norma Nutt)

1975-1977 Mrs. Charles Kederich (Marion Gore)**

1979-1981 Mrs. Davis (Fern Smith)*

1995-1997 Mrs. Steven Thomas (Mary Ann Ford)

1999-2001 Mrs. James Jones (Nancy Vanderpool)

2003-2005 Mrs. William R. Fahey (Marianne Lopez)

2005-2009 Miss Judith N. Wills

2009-2011 Roberta Jean Greene Miller

2011-2013 Judy Anderson Gordon




*Mrs. Davis (Fern Davis) also served during 1985-1987

** Mrs. Charles Kederich (Marion Gore) served as Chapter Regent for 12 years (6 terms: 1975-1977, 1983-1985, 1991-1995,  1997-1999, 2001-2003).

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